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Dying By Your Side

Is Always My Privelage

A Community For People Who Love The Smiths Like I
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My name is robbie lee. i am 15 years old. i live in daytona beach. i play the bass guitar and the electric guitar. i love the smiths to death. morrissey is also god. umm thats it now for some rules. cause ya know as much as i hate them we need the rules. duh
1.You must like the smiths or morrissey.I dont want people joining just so they can talk shit about them.If you wanna do that go start your own shit talking community. ok?
2.Dont type like a jackass. you know how i mean. lowercase then capitals. its annoying.
3.I dunno. just dont be an inactive member. post stuff once in a while. pictures, news, merc, albums or anything you have will do.
4.I briefly touched on this in the first rule. but like no shit talking. everyone will have different likings or views on something here and just dont talk shit if theres is different than yours. if your a member we all have one thing we can agree on. The smiths rule. duh. wow im lazy four rules. hah yeah cool huh?